Our Projects

Air-Stroke engine

Our patented hybrid engine in development. Capable of running underwater with zero emissions in one mode, as well as in the same manner as typical combustion engines in the other mode. More information can be found by clicking the button below.

Medical remote measurement and monitoring device

Currently in development, our medical device will be able to remotely monitor swelling and vitals, and upload to a central database, lessening the load on medical staff. Click the button below for more details.

Custom designed and manufactured vehicle components

We are able to design and manufacture our own products to suit the needs of many. Shown above are a set of motorcycle racing rearsets designed by us for enhanced adjustability.

4×4 and camping accessories and supplies

Hobbies can become a critical part of engineering. We identify problems that have not been solved by the outdoors industry, and solve them ourselves. We currently have several products we have created to our own unique design, and range in function from protection to portability.

Your own product!