Our Services

Our Services


Our engineers cater for every challenge offered. From original design conception to testing and trials of the finished product ready for manufacture.


MAB can assist in offering engineering advice, improvements as well as ground-up solutions based on customer requirements. This can include CNC and laser cutting methods, as well as one-off custom productions. Experienced engineering ensures that access and tooling is considered, and an efficient, rapid process is carried out.


We are able to manufacture the prototype of the products we design to ensure fitment, and dimensionally inspect before shipment and supply. Prototyping can be carried out for one-off pieces, as well as a sample for mass production depending on the customers requirement.

Testing / trials

Testing a product can be the most critical part of the engineering process. MAB can create bespoke methods, jigs and testing equipment for data collection to ensure a product is fit for use in the real world in addition to destructive testing, load testing and finite element analysis (FEA).


Our company is able to produce documentation for any products designed or manufactured by us. This can range from 3D rendered demonstrations, to assembly instructions with industrial standard schematics, CNC machinery files, and operating instructions.

New inventions

We have assisted many projects in reaching their goals from fresh ideas. We offer invention packages in order to help you reach your goals, regardless of your industry. These packages can include anything from advice on how to achieve your engineering goal, to ground-up engineering, with the result being a finished prototype in your hand, and files to give to a manufacturer.

We are also familiar with the processes involved for patent applications, and can assist with this. We are able to provide signed non-disclosure agreements upon request, to ensure your projects are safe.