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Below you will find details on some of the projects we are undertaking. Feel free to browse the rest of the website using the menu icon above.

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Welcome to MAB Innovation Engineering. We are a Central Coast, NSW based engineering company specialising in mechanical innovation and new ideas. We offer several services and packages as well as our own products.

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Our projects

Our most significant projects to date include our patented Air-stroke hybrid engine that is making progress to revolutionise the combustion engine industry. More information found by clicking below:

The MAB Innovation Engineering shop

The online shop is currently functional, but in development.

We currently only have a few products listed.

Check back later to see even more of our in-house designed and manufactured products.

Free disability gym equipment – Current media project

This project is crowd funded to provide free bespoke gym equipment specially designed for the intended user, based on their particular physical disability. (every physical disability is different). This project will include interviews and meetings with the recipient of the equipment, which will be uploaded to YouTube.

This video will be remade in a higher resolution at a later date.

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