Flip-up table for barn door 4×4 applications


The current design is made to fit 70 series landcruisers (76/78 series and others sharing their rear door layout). This table can also be made to your specification, Send your width requirements!

Simply rivet to the interior side of the rear door. Locking hinges, brackets and fixings are all stainless steel, and will not rust.

This is the only 4×4 door table that folds upwards.
Remember, you saw it here first!

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ALL other 4×4 tables fold downwards. If you have drawer systems, this is a big problem because you can’t use your table if you need drawer access.
These tables flip UPWARDS instead, so will clear the majority of drawer systems, allowing complete access, and a much more convenient height.
Current design will fit a 2007-present 76 series toyota landcruiser with VDJ 4.5L V8 Diesel engine. May fit many other landcruiser variants, as the body design covers many models.
Stainless steel and machined wood construction. Optional utensil holder bracket.
Made to order. Width can be specified.


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